Fat Mogul vs. Blogging

When I began this blog ages ago (6.5 years ago, at least for this iteration), I didn’t really have a solid idea of what I wanted to do with the space.  It was primarily a place where I would go to unload some of the random thoughts flying around my head before I would get down to some serious writing.

As time went on, and this blog started gaining a regular readership, I realized I should probably do something a bit more regular with it and, well, came up with some more standard concepts to pursue in the writing realm, basically looking at the topics I would write about most regularly and focus on a way to keep them from becoming so repetitive.

Of course, as time went on, these topics themselves got stale and then life got busy, and I stopped writing here altogether.

Now that I’m back, I’ve been struggling with what to do with the space.  I’ve wanted to write here regularly, partially for the same reasons I initially began writing, but often find myself not having much of worth to say.

And since I actually have readers now, just dumping out a random assortment of words purely to free my mind of those random assortment of words isn’t really all that fair to you, the reader.  Which is why I’ve attempted to pursue some far more refined writing for the space.  But that also means that blogging takes a heckuva lot more effort than it once did, which means that the actual writing I wish to do ends up falling by the wayside.

So, I’ve been forced to reach the conclusion that this blog will no longer be a regular blogging platform, but one which will be updated as inspiration hits.  The most focused articles have certainly received a great deal more response, but I simply don’t have the energy needed to do those on a regular basis (unless, of course, a facebook post gets me all riled up again and I simply can’t focus on anything else).

I’ve loved blogging, and I’ve been happy to get back here to do it more regularly again, but I can’t simply put out the junk I used to put out here.

So, this space will still exist.  And I’ll continue to populate it with new content from time to time.  But it won’t be the daily blog it once was.  It may not even be the weekly blog.  It’ll be the blog which comes about when inspiration hits.  When I legitimately have something to say that I think is worthwhile.

Which, surprisingly enough to even me, happens fairly frequently.

I’m also going to put the Jack to the Future bits on hold here, as I reconsider how to go about the story.  I haven’t had the time to focus on it very well and I can already tell the story is suffering because of it.  And since it hasn’t gotten much response, I feel fairly confident that it’s better to hold off on the tale until I can give it the time it deserves.

But that’s part of what all this is about.  Giving my writing the time it deserves. I’ve been focusing on pushing out content now that I’ve returned to the regular writing schedule, but many times that content has existed purely to exist.

No more.

But, I do have some great plans for the near future…I promise.



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