Book Review: Daughter of Magic by Karen Eisenbrey

I don’t think the timing of Daughter of Magic‘s release could have be any better.  I know, talking about the timing of a book’s release is a terrible way to begin reviewing it, but just as I am sitting down to begin to enjoy the warm summer days, I find myself reading through a book which completely envelopes the feeling of the summer days of youth.

Yeah, sure, this is a book about magic, real magic, and bad guys, and cool transformations into birds and stuff, but the whole time I read through it, I just kept thinking of my summers as a kid.  Exploring the world and learning about it.  And learning about myself.

This book may be set in a fantasy setting, with all those names that seem to weigh too heavily on either the consonants or the vowels, but none of that really matters, as this is a beautiful coming of age story where you feel as though you really are Luskell being on her own while her parents are out, learning about her family and about herself as she discovers there’s a lot more to herself than she had thought.

Eisenbrey may have given us a wonderful fantasy story filled with a sort of magic I don’t know if I’ve seen before, but she manages to do so with this grace that causes a sort of euphoria for our own youthful days of exploration.

Don’t get me wrong, the story itself is a whole lot of fun.  There are evil wizards, dead wizards, evil dead wizards turned good, and, you know…good wizards and whatnot.  There is amazing character development where each character in the story seems to have their own motivations for what they do, even those aforementioned evil wizards.

And there’s this spectacular world which Eisenbrey has built.  One I hope we may get to see a glimpse of again.

Buy it now!


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