Book Review: I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams

I may know a thing or two about superheroes, or so I like to think, so when I tell you that I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams gives you all those things you should absolutely love about the superhero genre, while also being capable of throwing in more than a couple of twists, you should feel confident that this is a book you should give a read to.

At it’s core, it seems rather simple.  A superhero, wrongly imprisoned, escapes in order to right the wrongs which led to him being imprisoned in the first place.  Only problem is, it turns out he is part of the problem.

And no, this isn’t some sort of introspective junk where he realizes that he as a superhero caused all sorts of trouble which is why the world went wrong.  I mean, he looks at the television, sees the news about the current leadership, and sees himself sitting at the right hand of his now-evil father, ruling the country with an iron fist.

Dopplegangers are one of my favorite comic book tropes!

I’m not going to say this book changes the genre by any great lengths, but it does do a fantastic job of keeping you guessing about what’s going on, while still showcasing fun new superpowers, intriguing action moments, and a whole lot of heart…precisely what a good superhero story should be.

Go check it out!


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