Fat Mogul vs. Agora Files Part III

It’s done!

You know, that book I’ve been working on finishing as the final part of that thrilling series I’ve been working on for nearly a decade now?  Yeah, that one.  It’s done!

Well, mostly.  I mean, the primary writing and editing pieces are done.  There’s still the beta reader notes to receive and work with, the book formatting, the book cover, and a whole host of other things to finish before I get this book out to you folks, my faithful readers.

And I’m so excited to finally get it done.  Not just because it has been an all-consuming process of my brain as I’ve been trying to determine how best to get everything together and wrapped up in this final book without it coming across as a giant pile of exposition hiding in the resolution.

Will all your questions be answered?  No, definitely not.  This book wasn’t intended to be one with all the answers.  It was intended to be purely action.  Of course, once I began developing the world that Cyrus and company live in, I couldn’t help but want to give pieces of it, to give you a hint of how this world works and why Cyrus (and Eve, of course) must do what they do.

But there are far more answers than I had thought I’d be able to get in there.  I rewrote this book countless times in order to get as much answered within the action as possible, while also focusing as much as possible on wrapping up the narrative which, let’s be honest, is convoluted enough as it is.

And I honestly believe you will be incredibly happy with how it wraps up.  Sure, there will be parts you won’t like.  I can’t please everyone.  But the ride itself feels like it completes itself the way it was always intended to be completed.

Of course, now I feel in this weird place, as I often do at the completion of the bulk of the writing effort on any book.  Where to go next?  I still have one full draft of a novel sitting on my hard drive that I’d like to complete, which, I really should, considering how much more appropriate it is within the current political climate.  I have a whole pile of short stories I’ve been holding off on writing.  Ones which are incredibly experimental, but if they work out the way I have envisioned, should be simply incredible.  Yeah, I know, that’s a bit of back-patting for something I haven’t even begun yet, but I’m so excited for those as well.

And then, of course, there are a whole host of other projects I’ve been slowly working on, including my chapter book, a short film with a buddy of mine, as well as a new series of blog posts that I really want to get to.

In short, I’m ready as ever to push out some content.

But not today.  Today, I’m simply sending you a message because I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten about all of you, even if it has been nearly three years since my last novel was released.  But this one, in my opinion, is definitely worth the wait.

Have fun out there!


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