Fat Mogul vs. Giving Thanks

Although I’ve given a couple reasons as to why I haven’t been writing lately, which have been somewhat negative views on world politics of the moment, there are also quite a few happy reasons why I haven’t been writing as of late.

And actually, these are the primary reasons I haven’t been writing, as they have been keeping me incredibly busy.

And they are all reasons for giving thanks.

Reason #1:

I got a scholarship from Google!

Okay, so it sounds a bit cooler than it actually is.  I mean, it’s kinda cool, but, well, only kinda.  However, the bottom line is that I spend all of my summer and a fair portion of my spring racing the clock, as I was given an incredibly short time table for learning all I could learn about Android programming (the phones, not the robots…at least not yet) in order to present my capstone project by the end of last month.

I succeeded.  I graduated.  But I honestly felt like I was spending every spare moment either coding or learning all the things I could about coding from this online program.  It was intense, but I came out of it with some incredible knowledge.  Knowledge that I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with yet.

Reason #2:

You remember that farm we bought last year?  Still got it.  And with that comes a whole heckuva lot of work.  Our gigantic garden took up most of the spring, while a few other projects, took up the rest of this past six months.  We now have nearly eighty birds, who, of course, required the building of a coop (well, that was retrofitted from a milking shed…and mostly done by my wife because of my allergies to everything in the world) and a chicken run because of our murderous barn cat.  I also spent a lot of time tuning up the 4-wheeler we bought last winter because it was barely capable of getting through the snow plowing we need it for.  I’m confident it will work much better this winter.

Reason #3:

My family.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love my family to bits.  However, they take a fair deal of effort.  And I’ve been loving it.

Reason #4:


I’ve been working on cleaning up Agora Files 3 for all of you.  It’s actually ready now.  I’m just waiting on a cover and then we’ll do some release time action.  Of course, editing is a slow laborious process..so, having to cram this in amid all my other tasks has been taking up any concept of writing time I might have wished to have had.

Reason #5:

So…the others are positive, this one might not be considered as much.  I’ve not been writing because I’m not sure how much writing I want to keep doing.  Writing takes a ton of work.  And, well, when you put books out for public consumption, there’s a whole lot more work which has to go into everything which isn’t actually writing.  I don’t miss the marketing.  I don’t miss the scrounging around for people who will give me reviews.  I don’t miss the daily checking to see if I’ve had any sales.

I do miss the writing…and I’m working on putting it back into my daily schedule.  But I’m looking into some alternative options for what to do with the writing when it is finished.  Agora Files 3 will be published in the same manner as my previous books, but I’m not sure anything else will be.  More to come on that soon-ish…I hope.  But the bottom line is that I don’t think publishing is the method I want to utilize for my writing any longer.

Maybe…I don’t know…I could go back on all of that.  But I do know that a major portion of why I haven’t been writing is that simple fear of going back into that world of trying to make people care that I’m writing.  That was never the reason I wrote in the first place.  It was my own personal outlet.  An outlet I figured I might as well share with the world.  I don’t want to stop sharing…but maybe a more grassroots approach to sharing is what needs to happen.


Anyhoo, all those reasons are why I haven’t been pushing out the books I had hoped to start pushing out this year.  But, I am working on writing again.  I’ve been doing a bit of it, and I’m pushing myself to get it back into the daily schedule already.

And it might just happen that there won’t be as long of a wait for you to get to see what I’m working on.


No promises.

Love each other.


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